Frequently Asked Questions

How does Learn to Skate work?

Skaters will learn a curriculum according to their level during the first 5 weeks. On week 6, skaters’ skills will get tested to make sure they have mastered their elements (being able to perform them eight out of ten times) and are properly ready to move on to the next level. After this week, there will be one more week to complete the course, providing those who may have needed improvement with another chance to demonstrate their mastery and awarding skaters with course completion certificates and badges. 

How and when can I register?

Online registration for an upcoming series will open on the 3rd week of the current series and will close the Saturday before the new series begins. On the following Monday, registration will re-open for 2 weeks, however, a late fee of $20 will be charged. For more details or specific registration dates, please visit our website. 

*Skaters are encouraged to register before the upcoming series begins to avoid the late fee. 

What classes/levels do we offer?

  • Snowplow Sam 1-4 (ages 3-5)
  • Basic 1-6 (ages 6-15)
  • Hockey 1-4 (ages 4-15)
  • Pre-Freeskate & Freeskate 1-6 [Basic 1-6 pre-requisite]
  • Adult 1-6 (ages 16 & Up)
  • Adult Hockey 1-4 [Adult 1 pre-requisite]
  • Adult Pre-Freeskate & Freeskate 1-6 [Adult 1-6 pre-requisite]

How do I know which level to register for?

Please refer to the curriculum. In order to be in a level, the skater needs to be able to perform every element from the previous level's curriculum.

*Age doesn't determine the level, skills, and ability to perform elements do.

Can I move up levels prior to class evaluation?

Skaters are able to request a private evaluation during the first 2 weeks of series, by contacting the Learn To Skate Director, Ale Schaich. Then, a coaching staff will evaluate the skater in a 20-min private lesson and determine whether they are ready to move up or not.

The skater will need to pay the coach for a 20 min private lesson. Rates vary depending on the coach but are usually between $22-$30 for 20 min.

*Skaters can request a coach when inquiring for a private evaluation. 

How do I make-up classes?

Skaters can make-up classes by coming in on any of the other days their level is offered. When the skater checks in they will need to select "Make-up class" instead of "regularly scheduled class" on the check-in system. 

How long is a series and what to do once the series is over?

Series go over a 7-week period and are back-to-back. Skaters are encouraged to register for the following series and continue their skating journey.

*Please visit our website to view our Learn to Skate Year at a Glance schedule. 

How do I redeem my public skate sessions included with my Learn to Skate package?

2Skaters need to pick up their Learn to Skate Public Skate Punch Card on the first week of class. This is the only way skaters will be able to use the included public sessions as part of Learn to Skate.

*Reminder Standard Packages get 7 public sessions, and any Olympic Packages get 14 public sessions throughout the series. 

If a skater does not have their public skate punch card, they will have to pay for admission. 

How do Olympic Private lessons work?

Once a skater purchases a Silver or Gold Package, they will get assigned a coach. The coach will contact the skater and schedule the lessons. If you have a preference, please inform the Learn to Skate Director, Ale Schaich

*Reminder Silver Packages get 4 (15 min) private lessons, and Gold Packages get 8 (15 min) private lessons throughout the series. Skaters can combine lessons, meaning you can request to take 30 min lessons, which would be equivalent to 2 (15 min) lessons. 

When should I arrive for class?

Skaters are expected to arrive 30 min before class starts on the first week, to check-in, become familiar with their instructor and meeting location, and receive any skater resources such as Skater manual, punch card, name tag and more. 

After the first week, skaters are encouraged to arrive 15 min before class to check-in and get ready for class.

*Remember, if you need rental skates, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to check-in, get your skates and get dressed in time to go on the ice by your scheduled start-time. 

How do I check-in

When you arrive for your session, please approach the Learn to Skate table near the front desk where you will find iPads to check-in for your class. We will provide the class assignments and meeting location once you check-in.